GSA Contract Holder

GSA Contract Holder

Continuing to build on its commitment to serving federal employees, Federal Employees Retirement Services is pleased to announce that it has been named a Contract Holder by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the procurement arm of the federal government.

The GSA contract allows federal customers to efficiently purchase retirement training services from Federal Employees Retirement Services. As a GSA Schedule vendor, Federal Employees Retirement Services provides federal government agencies with its FEDWorkshop – a versatile training program which satisfies federal agencies’ requirement to provide pre-retirement training to their employees as they near retirement.

Federal Employees Retirement Services is the Nation’s Leading Federal Benefit Educator. We are also able to provide tailored training to various audiences such as Special Category Employees (Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and Air Traffic Controllers), Early- and Mid-Career groups, and other tailoring as necessary.

OPM’s Financial Literacy Initiative

The Office of Personnel Management mandates that pre-retirement training be made available to employees when they are within a 5-year window of being eligible to retire.

While some agencies provide this training with in-house resources, others choose to utilize federal contractors like Federal Employees Retirement Services to provide high-quality and dependable training.

The SF 182 also known as an “Authorization Agreement and Certification of Training” is a form used by the office of personnel management in the United States to collect and store employee’s training records. If you receive training from any non-USDA agencies, you will need to fill out the SF 182 form.

Federal Employees Retirement Services is a registered “Verified Vendor” for the Federal Government. Federal contractor status can be verified using CAGE code or DUNS code on the System for Award Management website

CAGE # 80GF6
DUNS # 080971289

FERS does not seek or use government funding; we are not a government agency.

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